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Marie Curie is The Radiant, one of the most famous women of the 20 th century, but this
might not have come about. The death of Pierre Curie in 1906 lost her not only her
beloved husband, but also her science research colleague, and her financial support.


As a woman, in an academic world dominated by senior men, and a Polish woman in a Paris
glorifying all things French, her future could not have been more uncertain.


In “TheRadiant”, Shirley Lauro tells the story of her struggles to find her way forward, both in
science and in love, in this critical period of her life. Does the threat of disaster ever leave her?


13th - 17th Sept. & 20th - 24th Sept. 2022

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Next Production

by Gerald Sibleyras and translated by Tom Stoppard

Directed by Vicki Oxley


Heroes is set in August 1959 in a home somewhere in France for retired military men. The play takes place outside on a terrace in the garden of a convent hospital where Philippe and Henri are hatching a plan to escape.


24th-28th Jan & 31st Jan - 4th Feb 2022

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Covid precautions for the current production and foreseeable future.

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To ensure the safety of our members and patrons the following measures will be in place for the foreseeable future.


All Front of House staff will be wearing masks when interacting with the public.

We request that all audience members able to do so also wear masks, both in the auditorium and when moving about in the bar area. You may remove your mask when seated at a table or outside the building.


Front of House staff will organise movement from the bar area to the auditorium one row at a time, starting from the back. Please ensure that you are ready (i.e. not hallway through a pint), as cumulative delays could seriously impact on the performance time.

The auditorium will be cleared in the reverse manner, starting with the front row. If you intend to remain in your seat during the interval, we request that you move temporarily to the front of the auditorium to allow others to pass you at a safe distance. You will need to do so again after the interval.


We will be operating a one-way system. Entrance to the auditorium will only be via the bar, in order to operate the above procedure. Exit from the auditorium will only be via the external double doors. Weather-permitting, a number of chairs will be provided outside, under the canopy, for those who do not wish to sit in the bar or remain in the auditorium during the interval.


All interval refreshments, whether coffee or alcohol, will need to be pre-ordered upon entry. We would request that no more than two persons be at the bar at any one time.


Sanitiser gel will be available at several points throughout the theatre…as will a limited supply of spare masks.


In view of these precautions, can we remind everyone that 7.45 pm is when the curtain rises after everyone has been seated, not when you should aim to be arriving at the theatre.


Thank you for your cooperation. 

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The Covid Lockdowns and membership changes have resulted in the temporary suspension of our Youth Section, but we hope to restart it again in the near future.

Formby Little Theatre would like to acknowledge the very generous support of Formby Tesco, who have contributed £1000 towards the refurbishment and insulation of the stage roof.

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